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Leadership Development


Executive Coaching
Evidenced-based / Results Focused / Professional Development                      Confidential, Individualized, Customized                                                              Coaching for private sector, non-profit and public sector professional clients.

w Topics for professional development include, yet are not limited to:
      Leadership Development
            Strategic Career Planning
            Career Crisis Intervention
            Strategic Planning and Prioritization
            Developing Effective Communication Mechanisms
            Successful Conflict Resolution
            Increased Influence and Impact

w Evaluation Tools include:
            360o assessments *
            Behavior Styling Instruments
            Influencing Strategies Assessment
            E.Q. Assessments (Emotional Intelligence)

*Certified in 360° assessment instruments by the Center for Creative Leadership

Every coaching situation is different.  There is no “one size fits all” effective coaching model.  Specific goals, objectives and measurements are clearly established with activities, strategies and development initiatives developed to achieve your intended outcomes.

EEO Leadership Development
The Leader’s Role in Creating an Environment that Reduces/Eliminates Hostility, Conflicts and Claims of Discriminatory Actions

w Module One – The Leader’s Role in Influencing Attitudes and Morale
The initial module identifies the primary reasons EEO complaints occur, especially in an environment of change and uncertainty.

•The primary root causes of bad attitudes
•Prevention and correction strategies
•Understanding how attitude problems become formal complaints

w Module Two – Successfully Resolving Conflict
This module focuses on addressing and resolving issues before they become EEO actions.

• The unacceptable high costs of unresolved conflict
• Predictable and typical dysfunctional responses to conflict
• The three degrees of conflict escalation
• Successful interactive conflict resolution strategies
• Strategies for mediating the conflict of others

w Module Three – Building and Maintaining Organizational Trust
This module addresses establishing an environment where issues are identified early and resolved without EEO action being considered or necessary.
•Understanding the trust building behaviors
•Identifying the typical trust destroyers
•Dealing with issues of trust in an environment of uncertainty and instability

w Module Four – Avoiding the Leadership Traps
This module identifies some of the typical, unintentional behaviors exhibited by managers/officer that contribute to the escalation of EEO issues.
•Identifying the potential “traps” of competent, well-intended leaders
•Understanding the actual and hidden “costs” of the leadership traps
•Corrective strategies

Event-Driven Leadership
A consulting and training intervention to successfully lead organizational change.

• Assess the real world impact of change
• Develop an effective strategic plan
• Reduce the cost and disruption of change
• Avoid the "unintentional consequences" of mismanaged change
• Understand the root causes of change resistance
• Develop the leadership skills of change agency

Successfully Managing Bad Attitudes, Poor Performance and Organizational Change
A two-day program for all levels of supervision, management and leadership.

• Discovering the root causes of bad attitudes
• Successful techniques for preventing and neutralizing the negative impact of bad attitudes
• Effective guidelines for diagnosing the root causes of poor performance
• Selecting the appropriate corrective action for performance and disruptive behavior problems
• Successfully leading the organization through the change process

Performance Driven Leadership: Rebuilding Trust, Commitment and Performance
A one-day program for experienced managers.

• Eliminating obsolete, autocratic, authoritarian management styles
• Identify the shifts in motivation of today’s employees
• Discover the 10 key elements driving job satisfaction and peak performance
• Avoiding the destructive leadership traps
• Effective leadership communication skills
• Delivering criticism effectively

Finding, Hiring and Keeping Highly Productive Employees 
A one-day training program for front-line managers.

• How to develop a real-world needs assessment
• Mastering the 3-phase interviewing process
• Recruit more effectively
• Keep top producers satisfied and reduce costly turnover
• Identify alternative recruiting sources
• Avoiding the 4 deadly hiring traps

The Manager’s Role in Creating Exceptional Customer Service
A one-day training program for supervisors, department heads and middle managers.

• Assessment and evaluation of current customer service levels
• Establish effective customer service standards
• Training, monitoring, and insuring consistent quality
• How to discover the customer’s needs and expectations
• The 6 root causes of customer dissatisfaction
• Effective models for dealing with customer service problem

The Manager’s Tool Kit
A one-day program for new managers and supervisors.

• Developing effective managerial relationships
 •Communication and criticism skills
• The appropriate use of the discipline process
• Effective delegation
• Planning prioritization and completing multiple projects
• Dealing with insubordination and policy abuses

Effective Team Leadership
A one-day program for current or future team leaders.

• The evolution from manager to team leader
• Successful models for team decision making
• Leading efficient team meetings
• Understanding why teams fail
• Regaining momentum with a "stuck" team
• Training and communication

Conflict Resolution Strategies for Leaders
An extensive two-day program for supervisors, middle managers and executives.

• Identify the escalating costs of unresolved conflict
• Avoid dysfunctional responses to conflict
• Learn to diagnose and assess the degree of conflict escalation
• Mediate and arbitrate the conflict of others
• Selecting the appropriate strategy for successful resolution
• Avoiding avoidance


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