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Click on the books below by Harry Chambers for detailed reviews and to order online:

       My Way or the Highway: The Micromanagement Survival Guide

Over 70% of workers say that being micromanaged has interfered with their job performance.  Is a micromanager the boss of you?  Don’t be a victim.  Instead, get real and responsive.  If you’re willing to take personal responsibility, there are plenty of options for survival--not by “fixing” him, but by exercising your own influence to defuse his disruptive behaviors.

       The Bad Attitude Survival Guide

In this highly practical guide, Harry Chambers shoots straight from the hip, identifying the root causes of anti-productive behavior, and providing managers with the tools to diagnose problems, head off self-reinforcing patterns, and foster a more cooperative and productive working environment .

        No-Fear Management

No Fear Management tackles the problem of what the authors dub "Third Reich Management." You'll learn the signs of abusive management styles and how they can not only destroy the morale of a company, but how they can decrease its profits as well. Best of all, you'll learn how to drive dysfunctional management out of your company and enjoy the results of a positive work environment.

        Getting Promoted

Getting Promoted is the rare occupational-planning resource that doesn't insist that the grass is always greener in the business park across the highway. Chambers contends that many who move from company to company in order to advance their careers would actually do better if they stayed put and rededicated themselves to their existing positions. He focuses on making the best of the present job "and reaping the harvest from the field you have already cultivated, planted, and nurtured." In fact, he cautions, "it may actually be detrimental to your career to abandon your current efforts and achievements just to start anew!".

    Effective Communication Skills for Scientific and  Technical Professionals

The combined effects of flatter, more collaborative organizational structures and the pressure to translate complex and innovative ideas into action quickly, are demanding that Technical Professionals- such as computer programmers, design engineers, and R&D scientists- become better communicators and managers. In this practical and accessible guide Harry Chambers offers a wealth of strategies and tactics for succeeding in today's dynamic workplace .

        Finding, Hiring, and Keeping Peak Performers

Every manager or business owner knows that the most precious commodity is talent. And it's a seller's market - with both traditional corporations and "new economy" start-ups vying fiercely for the best and the brightest. On the front lines are managers, who are rarely trained in the finer points of recruitment, but whose hiring decisions can make or break the enterprise. Packed with step-by-step strategies and featuring advice from practicing managers and HR professionals, Finding, Hiring, and Keeping Peak Performers shows managers how to win the talent war.



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